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Realtime Native Prototypes

Protio allows you to create native prototypes for your mobile apps across all platforms. Design seamlessly on our web app or right on your mobile device: regardless, your changes sync online instantly. Test your prototype in realtime with just the tap of a button, just as if it was the real thing.

Dynamic Elements with One Click

Protio was designed with the intention of creating complex mockups & prototypes that come to life. Enter excel data, or use our built in generators to create beautiful dynamic & interactive graphs, charts, and processes. Use our user emulator to emulate multiple user accounts.

Pre-built Widgets

We know time is of the essence, so we built out layouts & widgets that can be addd with just a single tap. We very likely have a solution whether that be a custom video player, mapping database, blog timeline, or something else.

Emulate Signup Wizards

Protio allows you to create fully working user registration and sign in processes. With a few simple taps you can create completely unique sign-up & sign-in layers to add to your app prototype. The best part is, you can actually emulate multiple user accounts & privileges in preview mode.

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